With this high-tech wireless equipment you can detect anywhere at anytime with 3G mobile phone or PC. The 3G video box can be widely used in house school shop moving cars trains or take care of elders and children as long as WCDMA network is available. Function characteristics: 1)Compression algorithm to upgrade to H.264MainProfile spatialand temporal filtering technology advanced to stream down more than 30%. 2)To support real-time: D1/ CIF coding/ support dual stream. 3)Support 3G mobile phone to browse mode. Supports IPHONE Android platform of intelligent mobile phone monitoring. 4)Similar to the WINDOWS operation style make to abnormal easy. 5)Powerful network services (DHCP/ PPPOE/ UPNP/ FTP/ DNS/ DDNS/ NTP/EMAILl/ IP permissions/ IP search/ alarm center) improving the supporting (WEB/CMS/ SDK) easy to achieve the interconnection. 6)Network adaptive function: according to automatically adjust the stream size and the encoding frame rate of network bandwidth. 7)With abnormal automatic restore function and network interrupt the automatic connection function. Embedded WEB SERVER supports up to 64 users to connect remotely convenient remote control management.

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