New English File Upper-Intermediate gets your higher-level students talking. With texts that make students want to speak, plus full skills coverage, you can keep students motivated and challenged - specialist features cover high-level grammar and pronunciation accuracy. You can download lesson ideas and extra resources at the highly popular Teacher's Site, and now there is completely new Online Skills Practice material for students. • Great texts that motivate students to talk • Four-skills syllabus with a clear focus on pronunciation • Colloquial English lessons with video - authentic real-world interviews • Mini grammar and Get it right features for higher-level learners • New English File iPack - digital resources for interactive teaching • Online support, resources and lesson ideas The Student's book has 7 units where each main lesson is 4 pages long. Each unit includes Writing and Revise & Check sections, and the video lessons are called Colloquial English (lower levels have Practical English). The Colloquial English video lessons use interviews with real people, rather than scripted dialogue, to expose students to authentic everyday language. There is a Communication section and Listening scripts, a Grammar Bank, Vocabulary Bank, Phrasal Verbs in Context, Sound Bank and Wordlist.

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