Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down / buck charge module; Constant voltage module(CC CV) charging module - Input Voltage: DC 7~35V - Output Voltage: DC 1.25~30V (adjustable continuous output) - Max output Current: 3A (if output power more than 15Wyou can plug heat sink) - Constant Range: 0~3A (adjustable) - Turn lamps current: CC value (0.1) CC value will change with Turn lamp current. - The minimum voltage difference: 2V - Output Power: Natural cooling 15W 25W with heat sink - Convert Efficiency: Max 90% (higher Output voltage higher efficiency) - Output Ripple: 20M Bandwidth (Just for reference) input 12V output 5V 3A 60mV (Max) - Full Load temperature rise: 45'C - No-load Current: Typical 10mA (12V to 4.2V) - Load Regulation: +/- 1% - Voltage Regulation rate: +/- 0.5% - Dynamic response speed: 5% 200us - Potentiometer adjustment direction: clockwise (increase) counterclockwise (decrease) Close to the input potentiometer is voltage regulation(CV) close to the output potentiometer is current regulation (CC) - Indicator light: RED (charging); GREEN (finish charging) - Output Short-circuit Protection: Yes Constant current - Input Reverse Protection: Yes - Output prevent reflux: Yes output have internally series against a prevent the diodes. - Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40'C to +85'C ) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees lower power use or to enhance heat dissipation) - Wiring way: welding add pin can be welded directly in PCB

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