A980 fiber / coaxial high fidelity music output decoder with 24BIT/192Khz and high quality DAC is extremely with LCD TV and other terminal equipment first A980 can be connected with the output optical fiber and coaxial computer LCD TV set-top box hard disk players game machine CD · DVD · MD · digital amplifiers and other audio equipment. RCA products deliver the lotus seat and three sets of 3.5 headphone output 2 output modes with convenient you wire. Now a large number of high-end LCD TV set-top box with no analog audio output with output fiber or coaxial A980 product decoding high quality output quality is very good. The input interface (strong signal priority without switching) 1: quasi square optical fiber interface 2: Lotus (RCA) coaxial interface Output interface: 1 three groups of 3.5MM earphone interface 2 the lotus (RCA) analog interface Power supply: AC100-240V DC 12V1A Product size: 8.8cm (L) X6.5cm (W) X2.8cm (high) Color: Black Product net weight: 122g Shell material: Aluminum

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